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Out-of-band authentication

Out of band authentication (OOBA) refers to an authentication process that utilizes a communication channel that is separate from the primary communication channel. Secure access to mobile, web, browsers, checkout, payment step with your own biometric app. Anzen ID delivers passwordless biometric security across all platforms.

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox all support passwordless authentication. We provide SDKs which you can integrate into your iOS and Android apps in minutes and deploy to millions of users with the push of a button. We provide a fast and simple way to meet PSD2 compliance by eliminating passwords and shared secrets.

Anzen ID Authentication App for iOS & Android

For enterprises without a native app for authentication, Anzen ID provides ios and android apps on native app stores.

Users can connect & manage accounts from different companies on the same device. We also provide white labeling of this default authentication app which enterprises can white label and release on app store as their own i.e. enterprise apps can be built on the same app SDKs that are included in the solution.

Anzen ID Control Center for Company

Companies can define how your customer interacts with decentralised biometric authentication or authorisation provided by Anzen ID along with different profiles for different use cases.

We believe in providing features giving full visibility & efficient communication between them & their customers, such as

– Statistical details of Browser vs Mobile based Authentication & Authorisation

– Usage of different approval methods such as biometrics, email & phone

– Outcome details of each activity initiated by customers

– Statistics of customers using Anzen ID vs Registered vs Total

– Manage customer’s usage of Anzen ID, giving freedom to take actions based on customer activities

Anzen ID Web SDK

Companies can integrate Anzen ID with their websites to go passwordless biometric authentication & authorisation. Companies can also allow their customers

– to manage their registered devices to add or remove a device based on their preference

– to get full visibility on any activity being done their account with details of geo-location, authentication, authorisation, etc

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Anzen ID App SDK

Our mobile SDK with Open and componentized architecture is available for iOS and Android, is an easily pluggable and highly extendable dev kit that allows you to embed biometric authentication into any enterprise or consumer app. It includes a configurable UI, and the systems needed to capture, encrypt, and securely store biometric vectors, as well as a communication module to connect with our back-end server. Using the sensors, and the camera and flash on your smartphone, the SDK conveniently captures and records your biometrics so you can authenticate on the go. Since it’s biometric agnostic and multi-modal, it can accommodate multiple biometrics (face, touch, retina) in a single deployment.


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Let’s try how does Anzen ID works?