What is Anzen ID ?

Biometric authentication & authorisation system which increases digital trust and security while reducing consumer friction for all online authentication and transactions. The financial sector is under constant attack by cyber criminals. In fact, banks are attacked four times more than other industries. Large bank hacks and exploits continually make headlines over the years and that trend shows no signs of stopping. So, using Anzen ID we secure companies & help them go passwordless, biometric based authentication & transaction authorization.

Anzen ID
Let’s try how does Anzen ID works using our Demo Website Service.


Anzen ID solution stands out as the best in existing authentication market for its robust features, exceptional accolades from industry bodies,
best in class technology and overall value that it provides to end users, customers & partners.

Out-of-band authentication

Out of band authentication (OOBA) refers to an authentication process that utilizes a communication channel that is separate from the primary communication channel. Secure access…

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Anzen ID Authentication App for iOS & Android

For enterprises without a native app for authentication, Anzen ID provides ios and android apps on native app stores. Users can connect & manage accounts…

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Anzen ID Control Center for Company

Companies can define how your customer interacts with decentralised biometric authentication or authorisation provided by Anzen ID along with different profiles for different use cases…

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Anzen ID Web SDK

Companies can integrate Anzen ID with their websites to go passwordless biometric authentication & authorisation. Companies can also allow their customers – to manage their…

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Anzen ID App SDK

Our mobile SDK with Open and componentized architecture is available for iOS and Android, is an easily pluggable and highly extendable dev kit that allows…

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Biometric Platform designed to eliminate passwords, effectively removing the hackers’ primary target while eliminating fraud, phishing and credential reuse for consumers and employees across the enterprise.

Decentralised Passwordless Authentication & Authorisation

Despite adopting biometrics, services continue to store passwords – leaving users susceptible to credential hacks. With Anzen ID solution, end user doesn’t need to share…



FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF) standardized client-side biometric authentication platform, which offers: face, fingerprint and voice (under development) authentication modules for web and mobile…


Multimodal Authentication & Authorisation

Single authentication server of Anzen ID can support multiple biometric modalities – face and fingerprint. To cater the needs of emerging markets wherein, Anzen ID…


Advance Policy Management

Companies get full view & control on how their customers are using Anzen ID, giving details of geo-location, device information to company for better understanding…


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Let’s try how does Anzen ID works?

Use Cases

Anzen ID FIDO authentication suite is useful for business that are digitally oriented andcustomer authentication is of utmost importance to access services.

E-Commerce (checkout, login)

Get rid of traditional passwords to authenticate critical validation like login and checkout for E-Commerce service.

Online Banking (authentication & transaction authorisation)

Card skimming and ATM malware have forced banks to rethink consumer fraud protection. When ATM cards, PINs and passwords are stored in one place, hackers can commit widespread account fraud by attacking a single point of failure – the ATM.

Secure Digital Wallets (2FA Multi-signature)

Functionalities like login to digital wallets, transferring money or cryptocurrency from one to another wallet or another digital destination can be approved using Anzen ID Solutions.

Let’s try how does Anzen ID works using our Demo Website Service.